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Transalpinashow map
About Transalpina

The Transalpina (DN67C) located in the Parang Mountains group, in the Southern Carpathians of Romania, is one of the roads of the Carpathian Mountains. It connects Novaci, south of Parang Mountains, to Sebes in the north.

It is said that the road was built under King Carol II and rebuilt during World War II by German troops. It is called “The King's Road” by the locals. Also, a story says that Nicolae Ceausescu had to built the Transfagarasan Road (DN7C) during the communist regime just to surpass the Transalpina.

It is the highest road from Romania, the highest point is at the Urdele Pass, where the elevation is 2.145 m above sea level.

Battle for the best panoramas still remains open  between Transalpina and Transfagarasan  so far could not determine who is ranked 1.

Transalpina runs through four districts - Gorj, Valcea, Sibiu, Alba - crossing the Parang mountains from south to north, with the highest altitude on a part of about 20 km, in Valcea district, which is presented as a "highway ridge".

Contact and information:


From city Novaci, district Gorj to Sebes.

From city Sebes, district Alba to Novaci.

Opening hours:

April 15 – open road (the road is usually opened from May, depending on weather conditions).

November 1 – close road (the road is usually closed from late October, depending on weather conditions).

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