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About Tismana Monastery

Tismana Monastery, the oldest monastery from Romania, with a key role in maintaining the orthodox faith throughout the past 600 years, is located in the Tismana city, Gorj county, 36 km away from Targu-Jiu.

The founder of the Sanctified Monastery is the venerable Nicodemus of Tismana (1310-1406) - the choice of the architecture and decorations belongs to him. Construction of the wall was made with the financial support of Basarabi rulers: Radu Negru Voievod (1377-1383) and his sons Dan I (1384 - 1386) and Mircea the Old (1386-1418).

In a charming landscape, like a medieval castle with towers at the corners, Tismana monastery is situated on the cliff top, on Mount Starmina surrounded by forested peaks and cliffs, near the dark mouth of the cave St. Nicodemus and under whose walls gushing the water, which is tumbling into a cascade, with a fall of about 40 m into the river Tismana.

Tismana Monastery Church was consecrated on August 15, 1378 dedicated to "Assumption". It is built in Byzantine style, triconical plan, with thick stone walls, with three towers on the nave, narthex and porch and is supported by buttresses and by porch that surrounds part of the narthex and nave.

The first iconographic painting was executed only in the sixteenth century (1564) by painter Dobromir of Targoviste. This painting in vegetable colors  is kept  today on the walls of the nave, being the oldest Byzantine painting preserved in Romania.

Contact and information:

Address: Tismana, Gorj, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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