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Sohodol Canyonshow map
About Sohodol Canyon

Sohodol Canyon is situated at the northern boundary of the county Gorj with Hunedoara county, in mountains Valcan (a group that belongs to Retezat-Godeanu mountain chain of the Southern Carpathians), in the northern part of the village Runcu and is crossed by the Sohodol valley.

Sohodol Canyon is a protected area of national interest (nature reserve of mixed type), stretched over an area of 350 hectares and represents a canyon area excavated in Cretaceous limestone by waters of Sohodol stream,  with diverse forms of relief (sinkholes, canyons, ditches , springs, caves, rocky slopes), with flora and fauna of Southern Carpathians.

Canyon has a length of 12 km and is crossed by DJ672C county road.

Contact and information:

Address: Runcu, Gorj, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

Tickets: 10 lei

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