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Sculptural Ensemble of C. Brancusishow map
About Sculptural Ensemble of C. Brancusi

The Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brancusi at Targu Jiu is an homage to the Romanian heroes of the First World War. The ensemble comprises three sculptures: the Table of Silence, the Gate of the Kiss and the Column of the Infinite, on an axis 1.300 m (4.250 ft) long, oriented west to east. The Ensemble is considered to be one of the great works of 20th century outdoor sculpture.

The Endless Column (often it is called, wrongly, the Column of Infinite) symbolizes the "Infinite Sacrifice" of the Romanian soldiers and it is considered by Sydnei Geist the top point of the modern Art. The Endless Column stacks 17 rhomboidal modules, with a half-unit at the top. The incomplete top unit is thought to be the element that expresses the concept of the infinite.

The Table of Silence is a circular stone table surrounded by twelve hourglass-seats, which symbolize the time. The Table represents the moment before the battle on which the combatants were going to participate. Nevertheless, the seats are not located close to the edges of the table.

The Gate of the Kiss, of Banpotoc travertine (marble), features a kiss motif on the gate pillars. The transition to an other life occurs through the Gate of Kiss.

The Ensemble has been inaugurated on 27th October 1938.

Contact and information:

Address: Str. Gheorghe Tatarascu, Targu Jiu, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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