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Polovragi Caveshow map
About Polovragi Cave

It is a warm and humid cave (temperature - 9 degrees and humidity - 90%) that "cry" with drops of infiltration, water rich in carbonate calcium, either in silica iron oxide, etc.., by strata that crosses, washes and returns them, in his own excavation.

Depending on the impurities transported by the water in the main gallery, it changes color from downstream to upstream, in portions that have recived, over time, names such as Bloody vault, White Room, Divine Meeting.

The 800 meters of gallery for visitors (of more than 10 km) represents the great shedding, and the touristic gate represents the downstream, which explains the impressive size of the entrance.

The first section of the gallery (about 400 m from the entrance) shows an exceptional emotional charge because, being the most accessible portion, it was, during the time, a refuge for locals: dacians, quack, monks, each having marked at least once, a distinct symbol.

Starting with the second section, the cave becomes more interesting in terms of geomorphology: lattices of icicles, intermediate columns, domes, clusters of stalagmites, deep basins, drains parietal clay, ocher cave, and so on, some forms getting even names thanks to their spectacular shapes.

The cave is home to a colony of about 300 bats, popularly called “horseshoe bat”, because of the fold horseshoe shape around their nose.

Contact and information:

Polovragi, Gorj, Romania
Phone: +4 0761.149.525 - Geological Engineering Felicia Bantea

From Polovragi Monastery, to the right is a forest road, take this road for 2 km and there you’ll find the cave Polovragi.

Opening hours:

April 1 to October 30
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00
Monday: Closed
Entry is every hour.


Adults: 5 lei
Children: 2.5 lei

Fee Photo / Video: 5 lei

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