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Tiringhina-Barbosi Roman Campshow map
About Tiringhina-Barbosi Roman Camp

Tiringhina-Barbosi Roman camp was built between Daco-Roman wars (101-102). Was intended to prevent attacks on the Danube river coming from neighboring nations, from here results the strategic position at the shedding of river Siret, in the Danube.

The fortification from the shedding of river Siret, in the Danube river was abandoned in the late third century, when the Roman Empire finally abandoned Dacia.

Units that were present in the camp:

Classis Flavia Moesica - represents the Roman imperial fleet, was in charge of the Danubian limes.

Legion V Macedonica - was one of two Roman legions permanently stationed in Dacia.

Legion I Italica

Cohort II Matiacorum

Cohort I Hispanorum veteran

Contact and information:

Address: It is located 5 km southwest of Galati.

Opening hours: Daily

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