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Precista Fortified Churchshow map
About Precista Fortified Church

Precista Church is an Orthodox church, built between 1643-1647, during the reign of Vasile Lupu, by Dia and Serbu, merchants from Braila and  by Constantin Teodor from Galati.

Construction was made out of massive stone and brick, from the Roman camp of Tirighina - Barbosi. The church represents a Moldavian-Wallachian-Transylvanian architectural style, church was fortified due to the campaign of Ottoman, Austrian and Russian in Moldova.

In 1711, the church was plundered and burned by the turks and tartars. Between the periods 1735-1739 and 1769-1774 is devastated by the Russo-Ottoman-Austrian wars. In 1821, the ottomans destroyed and robbed the church again.

Church will be restored in 1831, 1953 and 1991.

Today the church is dedicated to the Assumption, is the oldest historical monument in the city of Galati.

Contact and information:

Address: Str. Rosiori, no. 2, Galati, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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