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Precista Church is an Orthodox church, built between 1643-1647, during the reign of Vasile Lupu, by Dia and Serbu, merchants from Braila and  by Constantin Teodor from Galati.Construction was made out of massive stone and brick, from the Roman...

It is one of the most important part of Galati. It’s a great place for promenade, relaxation and recreation.The main attraction is to sail on the Danube. Danube seafront offers tourists the opportunity to sail on the Danube with naval boats.The...

Alexandru Ioan Cuza (1820-1873) was the first ruler of the United Principalities and of Romania national state.In 1856, Alexandru Ioan Cuza used this residence as the ruler of Galati and the president of the court Covurlui. Museum illustrates...

Tiringhina-Barbosi Roman camp was built between Daco-Roman wars (101-102). Was intended to prevent attacks on the Danube river coming from neighboring nations, from here results the strategic position at the shedding of river Siret, in the Danube.The...

Astronomical Observatory of Galati is the largest and most modern public and educational observatory in Romania. It’s the first public roof-mounted observatory in the country.The public has acces to: Coronado SolarMax telescope for solar...

The Village Museum is reconstructing in terms of ethnographic aspects,  the type of specific homes of the Danube area.In this museum are found three traditional houses from Galati, from  localities Corod, Mastacani, Cavadinesti and...

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