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A historical monument, St. Nicolae (Nicholas) Belivaca is composed of a church (1794), an entrance tower (1870) and a stone cross (1800).It is founded by Hristea Belivaca and Mihail Socolescu  in 1794.Hristea Belivaca was a friend and supporter...

The park was built between 1901 and 1903, construction plans of the park were rewarded with gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris (1900).His Majesty King Carol I was present at the opening of the park in 1903.The name of the park comes from...

The Holy Trinity Church is an Orthodox church, built by Dumitrana Stirbei between 1765-1768.Is restored after the earthquake of 1838, by ruler Barbu Stirbei.Church keeps the  Brancoveanu style, in which it was built by Dumitrana Stirbei.In 1909...

The Cosuna Monastery is an orthodox monastery, built in 1483 by boyar Stefan and his son Parvu.It’s made of stone and bricks from the old Roman camp from Pelendava - Mofleni.The church is a historic monument and is the only building that still...

The Church of St. Elijah (Sf. Ilie) is an Orthodox church, built between years 1710-1715 by the great Elijah (Ilie) Otetelisanu.In 1838 after the earthquake, it was rebuilt by the family of  Elijah Otetelisanu, through Iordache and Grigore...

Unconfirmed reports places the existence of the church from the time of ruler Mircea the Elder (Miercea cel Batran).The official founder is  boyar Barbu Craiovescu, who raised the church in 1645. It was rebuilt from scratch in 1651 by Matei...

Heritage of museum consists in historical and archaeological collections which highlight the history of Craiova and Romanian Country from antiquity to the present.The collections are divided into:ThesaurusArchaeological collectionsMedieval...

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