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Mohos Swampshow map
About Mohos Swamp

Swamp Mohos is a protected area of national interest.

The nature reserve is located into a volcanic crater, immediately near Lake Saint Anne.

Protected area has 240 ha of which swamp represents 80 hectares, being an oligotrophic swamp. The reserve is situated at an altitude of 1.050 m.

Besides the fact that the swamp is located in a volcanic crater, here we find one of the few carnivorous plants in Romania:

Drosera, commonly known as the sundews, comprise one of the largest  carnivorous plants, with at least 194 species. These members of the family Droseraceae lure, capture, and digest insects using stalked mucilaginous glands covering their leaf surfaces. The insects are used to supplement the poor mineral nutrition of the soil in which they grow.

Contact and information:

Address: located at the border of Harghita and Covasna districts, between localities Baile Tusnad, Baile Balvanyos and Bixad.

Access routes:

From Baile Balvanyos - 14 km.

From Baile Tusnad - 20 km.

Near Lake St. Anne are observed a yellow triangle and a red dot markings; walk 10-15 min in this direction.

Opening hours: Daily

The entrance is made at the next hours: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00

The ride takes about 45 minutes.

Tickets: 3 lei

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