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Citadel of Callatisshow map
About Citadel of Callatis

Citadel was founded in the sixth century BC, on a Getic settlement known as Acervetis or Cerbatis, by a greek colony who came from Heraclea Pontica (Eregli, Turkey).

Despite the inevitable wars and changes of rulers, the city prospered for 1200 years, sometimes free, other times under successive powers of Persians, Macedonians, Dacians and Romans.

Citadel, however, is destroyed by the migratory invasion in fifth and ninth century.

Is partially rebuilt in the eleventh century, when Dobrogea is under byzantine rule, but destroyed again in 1225, this time by the tatars.

Contact and information:

Address: Soseaua Constantei, no. 23, Mangalia, Romania

Citadel is behind the cinema Farul, stadium Mangalia and hotel Paradiso.

Opening hours:

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