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Capidavashow map
About Capidava

Capidava was a Geto-Dacian fortified center and after that a Roman camp on the right bank of the Danube. During the Roman Empire had an important role in the defense line of the Danube.

Destroyed by the Goths in the third century, the fortress was rebuilt in the next century, becoming an episcopal center. The fort was abandoned after the invasion of nomad turks in 559.

After the official withdrawal of roman-byzantine from Dobrogea (about 600), the fortress was rebuilt by the byzantines in the tenth century. After the invasion of pechenegs from 1036, the fortress was permanently abandonned.

Units that were present in the camp:

Legion II Herculia

Legion XI Claudia

Legion I Italica

Cohort I Germanorum

Cohort I Ubiorum

Contact and inforamtion:

Address: Capidava, Constanta, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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