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About The tomb of Michael the Brave

Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul) was the ruler of the Romanian Country, the first unifier of the three countries that formed the Romania: Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldova.

He was born in 1558 in Tg. de Floci (disappeared city) and died at 09.08.1601 in Turda.

The International context was unfavorable for Michael. The neighboring powers saw in his political ambitions, a contradiction with their own dominant interests.

Habsburgs saw their plans (to maintain their sphere of influence in Transylvania) threatened, Poland did not want losing control of Moldavia and the Ottoman Empire did not accept the idea of ​​quitting the Wallachia.

In these conditions is made a plotting for removal of the Romanian ruler. From the order of Habsburg emperor Rudolf II, at August 9, 1601, 3 km south of Turda, Michael the Brave is killed by his ally Gheorghe Basta (Habsburg general) with which he achieved victory at Guruslau on 3 august 1601.

The tomb of Michael the Brave where is buried only his body (head was taken by one of his captains to Dealu Monastery near Targoviste, the former capital of the Wallachia) is guarded by a tall monument of 1.601 cm (the year when ruler has died) with three sides, symbolizing the three Romanian principalities united under Michael the Brave, in 1601.

In 2005, near the monument was built the church Mihai Voda, copy of Mihai Voda Church raised in Bucharest by Michael the Brave.

Contact and information:

Address: Turda, Cluj, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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