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The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvaniashow map
About The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania

Founded in 1922 by professor Romulus Voia, the Etnographic Museum of Transylvania entered the elite of the Romanian etnographic museums, due to the exceptional quality of its patrimony.It is currently composed of over 41.000 traditional peasant objects from 17th-20th centuries and a documentary fund of over 80.000 items.

The museum has two sections: the Pavilion Section and „Romulus Vuia" entographic Park (the open-air section). The Pavilion Section functions in „Reduta" Palace – historical monument that dates since the 16th century. The current pavilion exhibition, vernished on 16th of December and called „Traditional folk culture from Transylvania in the 18th-20th centuries", rebuilds, with talent, the way in which the Transylvanian peasantry lived two centuries ago. As testemonies remained simple tools or ingenious equipments used in domestic activities, culminating with rich folk suits, which showed not only the stage of the life, but also the social position of the one who wore them. There are also presented traditional costums of the life cycle, the calendar ones and the peasant costumes, with an essential role in highlighting the regional and ethnic identity.

Contact and information:

Address: Str. Memorandumului, no. 21, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Phone: +4 0264.592.344

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 - 17:00
Monday: Closed


Adults: 6 lei
Pupils, students: 3 lei

Other fees:

Photo: 15 lei
Video: 20 lei
Guide: 25 lei

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