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The Calvin Reformed Church show map
About The Calvin Reformed Church

The Calvin Reformed Church was built between 1829-1879. Before, there was already a wooden church on the banks of the Canal Morii (inaugurated on July 26, 1705). Later, it was enlarged, but with the increasing number of believers, the church leadership decided to replace it with a larger stone church.

In 1828 they started collecting the necessary funds, and accepted the plan of the architect Georg Winkler, inspired by the great church of Debrecen. In the same year they began digging the foundation. Construction lasted several decades due to lack of funds. After the Gyorgy Winkler's death in 1839, Kagerbauer Anton continued construction. He changed the facade and the towers.

The dimensions of the church are impressive: the length of the two vessels is around 50 meters, the central dome with a diameter of 12.60 meters and a height of 19.50 m, the tower's height is 40 meters.

Contact and information:

Address: Bd. 21 Decembrie, no. 41, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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