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Citadel of Clujshow map
About Citadel of Cluj

Roman-German Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg, in 1405 has granted the city Cluj the rank of a free royal city, releasing the city of the authority of Transylvania voivode.

In the same time the city has received the right to build walls, bastions and towers so, they've started building the walls, whice lasted until the end of the sixteenth century.

In the fifteenth century there were mentioned 18 bastions and towers in the corners of the city, at the city gates or intermediary.

Currently from the fortifications have been preserved only:

Walls - located in Str. Potaissa

Locksmith Tower (Fire Tower) - located in Str. Tipografiei

Tailors' Bastion - located in Str. Baba Novac

Tailors' Bastion was built in the 15th century and rebuilt between 1627 and 1629, assuming its present form. It was named after the Tailors' Guild, who took care of and guarded this part of the city. Near the tower - where Baba Novac, general of Michael the Brave was killed in 1601 by General Basta - there is a statue of Baba Novac.

Locksmiths tower has survived because in the nineteenth century was built and used (until the early twentieth century) for overseeing the city against fire, hence the common name: Fire Tower.

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Address: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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