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Waterfalls of Beusniteishow map
About Waterfalls of Beusnitei

A succession of waterfalls (of which the largest has over 5 m height) of Beu river, upstream of Lake Ochiu Bei, form the waterfall of Beusnitei.

These were born by water action in the substrate (soil) of limestone. The water dissolved limestone deposited layers-layers along the flow, forming calcareous rocks, soft and permeable rock, that allowed modeling of countless shapes, mini-dams, pools of water and waterfalls in succession.

Located in the protected area, with a status of nature reserve from Nerei-Besusnita National Park, in Caras-Severin, Beusnitei waterfalls represents a unique phenomenon, a true monument and a target of a significant tourist value.

Contact and information:

Sasca Montana, Caras-Severin, Romania

From Sasca Romana follow the trail marked with blue strip, until lake Ochiu Bei and from here follow the trail marked with blue triangle, route duration 3 hours.

Opening hours:

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