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Railway Oravita - Aninashow map
About Railway Oravita - Anina

Oravita - Anina is the first industrial railway built in Romania, it was used for coal transport.

Construction began in 1855 and was completed in 1863.

The route has a distance of 34 km and includes 14 tunnels with a total length of 2084 m, 10 viaducts with a length of 843 m, the walls versant with a length of 9946 m and cuts in the mountains with 21171 m length.

The railway was never electrified,  in present is functioning with diesel locomotives.

The train who travels on this route is composed of a diesel locomotive LDE125 Romanian, Series 69-73, 1250 hp, built specifically for  Oravita-Anina and two carriages of second-class, with wooden benches built in 1930.

The railway route Oravita -Anina  is considered the most spectacular in the country due to its tunnels, viaducts and cuts made in mountain.

Contact and information:

Oravita or Anina, Caras-Severin, Romania

The train can be taken from Oravita or from train station Anina.

Opening hours:

Oravita: Daily

Departure Oravita: 7:02
Arrival Anina: 8:52

Departure Oravita: 14:50
Arrival Anina: 16:41

Departure Oravita: 19:25
Arrival Anina: 21:16

Anina: Daily

Departure Anina: 9:12
Arrival Oravita: 11:02

Departure Anina: 17:05
Arrival Oravita: 18:56

Departure Anina: 21:39
Arrival Oravita: 23:30


Adults: 9.1 lei
Adults round trip: 16.4 lei
Students: 6.5 lei
Children: 4.5 lei

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