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Mountain Resort - Semenicshow map
About Mountain Resort - Semenic

The resort is located in Semenic Mountains at an altitude of 1.400 m.

Situated in center of Semenic - Cheile Carasului National Park, which houses a rich population of carnivores: bear, fox, lynx, otter, marten, badger, wildcat, but also wild pigs, carpathian deer, deer, birds: golden eagle, peregrine falcon, common buzzard, red kite, white-throated dipper and northern goshawk.

The development of agro-tourism hotels and chalets makes the Mountain Resort Semenic to be a recreational place, as they say, a "green" tourism.

In the time spent on Semenic can practice horse riding (riding), hiking, cycling, fishing or enjoy the nature in its true splendor in the wildest part of Europe.

The resort has a ski complex composed of 6 slopes equipped with teleski. Semenic resort has the longest ski slope from Romania, Semenic-Valiug (5.800 m).

Semenic-Valiug, medium difficulty, length 5.800 m.

Crucea de Brazi 1, medium difficulty, length 700 m.

Crucea de Brazi 2, medium difficulty, length 550 m.

Goznuta, medium difficulty, length 500 m.

Special Slalom, hard difficulty, length 800 m.

Giant Slalom, easy difficulty, length 1.250 m.

Contact and information:

Address: Semenic, Caras-Severin, Romania

Opening hours for ski slopes:

Daily: 9:00 - 17:00

Giant Slalom - open only on weekends.


Monday - Thursday: 40 lei/day
Friday - Sunday: 60 lei/day

40 lei/4 hours
25 lei/1 hour

1 ascent adult: 4 lei
1 ascent children: 3 lei
5 ascents: 20 lei
10 ascents: 40 lei

Tickets are valid for the bus that provides transportation from Valiug to Semenic, for slope Semenic-Valiug.

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