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Devil's Lakeshow map
About Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake (Lacul Dracului) is a karstic lake located in  Locvei Mountains, at the beginning (upstream) of Nerei canyon, Caras-Severin county. Has an apparent blue-green color, diameter of 20 m and a 9.3 m depth.

Devil's Lake is located at one of the entrances in cave Devil's Lake. The other entrance is unconnected with the lake and meets the main gallery, after 20 meters.

The cave's gallery is about 70 meters long and has no specific speleological formations. During heavy rains the gallery is flooded and can not be accessed.

The ensemble is considered a natural monument included in the Nerei - Beusnita National Park.

Contact and information:

Address: Sasca Monatana, Caras-Severin, Romania

From Sasca Montana follow the trail marked with blue Cross, route duration 3 hours.

Opening hours: Daily

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