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About Comarnic Cave

Comarnic Cave is one of the largest caves in Banat region and Romania. It is situated in the Anina Mountains, National Park Semenic - Cheile Carasului in locality Carasova, Caras-Severin.

Galleries and cave’s rooms have a  total size of 5.229 m. The cave has a massive structure consisting in monumental halls and large stalagmite formations.

Contact and information:

Address: Semenic - Cheile Carasului National Park, Caras-Severin, Romania
Phone: +4 0763276349, +4 0733886421

- from resort Crivaia or resort Semenic  follow the trail marked with red cross, the route duration 4 hours.

- from locality Carasova  follow the trail marked with blue triangle, the route duration 4 hours.

Opening hours:

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Monday - Friday: with solicitation from a group of a minimum 5 persons.

Tickets: 10 lei

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