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Living Fireshow map
About Living Fire

Living Fire is a natural phenomenon caused by gas emanations coming up through cracks in Earth's crust forming flames that burn, being kindled by the sun (or humans, if the flame goes out).

Living Fire is located in  Subcarpatii Buzau on the western slope of the ridge Breazau, situated on the left valley of Slanicului, at NE of the village Terca (commune Lopatari) in Buzau County, at an altitude of about 1.030 m.

The basis of this phenomenon is the existence of the underground hydrocarbon deposits.

You can see the flames that burst out from the ground rising into the wind, sometimes with a greater height, sometimes barely flickering - depends heavily on the inside gas pressure and on weather: as well can be temporarily turned off.

Phenomenon aria - 25 m².

Contact and information:

Terca, Buzau, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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