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Cave complex - Nucushow map
About Cave complex - Nucu

The Dionisie Torcatorul (Dionysius the spinner) cave is about 3 km from the village Nucu, Buzau County. It's actually a hole in the rock, 4 m above the ground.

In this cave, almost 700 years ago (the second half of the 14th century), lived and practiced hesychasm, the hermit Dionisie Torcatorul.

He was called "the spinner" (Torcatorul), because he earned his living by spinning the wool, which exchanged it for the basic needs.

The room has a height of 1.8 m and two drilled windows. On the walls of his cave there are chisel marks. Access in the cave is made by climbing stairs at the entrance.

The cave is attested since 1639.

Joseph's church (Ioan Bogoslovul Hermitage - documented in 1587) is the largest church in the Nucu stone. Carved into a huge rock, conserved as before, with the entrance step precisely cut.

It is a stone church, which played a significant role in the development of hesychasm life from Mountains Buzaului, is located near the village Nucu, Bozioru commune.

Both cave and the church, were probably made ​​in the first half of the fifteenth century by the great hermit of the place, Joseph.

Contact and information:

Address: Nucu, Buzau

Opening hours: Daily

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