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Cave complex - Alunisshow map
About Cave complex - Alunis

Alunis cave complex consists of a church, two cells carved into the rock and another 5 undated, 3 unfinished, one covered with boulders and another on the hill, for guarding.

According to the brief history of the church, it was and is dedicated to "Beheading of Saint John the Baptist" and is one of the oldest orthodox churches in Romania, dating from 1274, being one of the few churches at this age, in which sacred rites are still made.

Size of the stone church are 8.80 m long, 4 m wide and 2.80 m high.

The documentary attestation, dates from the Middle Ages and consist of donations, litigations and commercial documentation. Thus, a decree of Prince Mihnea Turcitul from 1586-1587 where his wife, Mrs. Neaga endows hermitage, making it a monastery.

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Alunis, Buzau, Romania

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