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About Vorona Monastery

Orthodox monastery, built in 1503 by Romanian monks from Moldovan villages.

Vorona Monastery Ensemble is a historical monument and is composed of:

Church "Assumption" - built in 1793-1803 by Iordache Panaite cupbearer.

Church "Birth of the Theotokos" - dates from 1835.

Church "St. Nicolae" - dates from 1836.



5 annexes household

Over the years, the monastery was backed by several wealthy families, like hetman Ilie Jora with his wife Teofana, cupbearer Iordache Panaite and boyar Iorgu Varnav Liteanu with his wife Anastasia.

Contact and information:

Address: Vorona, Botosani, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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