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Mihai Eminescu is the greatest poet of Romania.He was born in Ipotesti village, Botosani County, on 15.01.1850 and died on 15.06.1889 in Bucharest.The memorial house named Memorial Ipotesti - Mihai Eminescu National Center for Studies is a center...

George Enescu was a composer, violinist, teacher, pianist and conductor. He is considered the most important Romanian musician. Was born in the Liveni village, Botosani county on 19.08.1881 and died on 04.05.1955 in Paris."I come from Romanian...

Orthodox monastery, founded by Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare) in 1496.Ensemble of Popauti Monastery is a historical monument, made up of:Church "St. Nicolae" Popauti - dating from 1496.The bell tower - dating from 1496.The monastery was part of...

Orthodox monastery, built in 1535 by Mateias, advisor of ruler Petru Rares.Ensemble of Cosula Monastery it’s a historic monument and consists of:Chuch "St. Nicolae" - dating from 1535, with changes in 1858.House - dating from the seventeenth...

Orthodox monastery, built in 1503 by Romanian monks from Moldovan villages.Vorona Monastery Ensemble is a historical monument and is composed of:Church "Assumption" - built in 1793-1803 by Iordache Panaite cupbearer.Church "Birth of the Theotokos" -...

Orthodox monastery, built in 1729 by hermit Agafton.Ensemble of Agafton monastery is a historical monument and is composed of:Church "Descent of the Holy Spirit" - dating from the period 1838-1843.Wooden church "St. Archangels"- dating from 1747.54...

Orthodox monastery, situated in the west of the locality Baluseni, 14 km from Botosani.Ensemble of Zosin Monastery  is a historical monument and is composed of:Wooden church "Assumption" - dates from 1779.BelfryBrick Church "Assumption" - dates...

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