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Conventual Franciscans Monasteryshow map
About Conventual Franciscans Monastery

Built between 1270-1280 in early Gothic style, by the Franciscans. Around the year 1444 have been repaired the damages caused by the Turkish invasion of 1438.

Under the pressure of the Reform, Franciscan monks left the monastery and the city between 1540 and 1542.

In the following period, the abode is used by the Lutheran church. Over nearly two centuries after the Catholic Reformation imposed by the Habsburg, in 1724 franciscans monks regained the church.

In 1893 the ensemble, unused at the time, was bought by the Greek Catholic Church. In 1948, the communist regime abolished the Greek Catholic Church, and therefore the Bistrita abode was taken by the Orthodox.

From the original architectural ensemble, only the church has been preserved until today, the monastery located near the southern choir is demolished at the beginning of the last century. Church hall consists of a long ship and a choir with polygonal apse, facing east.

Contact and information:

Address: Piata Unirii (Unirii Square), Bistrita, Romania

Opening hours:

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