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The Radeasa Fortress show map
About The Radeasa Fortress

The Radeasa Fortress cave is located at the spring of the Somesul Cald river, being in an advanced evolution stage. It perfectly shows the way in which caves turn into gorges. The cave has a 15 m tall and 7 m wide oval-shaped entrance, into which the Radeasa stream enters.

The single gallery is a 212 m long tunnel, with ample halls and chimneys going all the way up to the surface. The five windows that these chimneys create allow the light to penetrate into the cave. Downstream, the tunnel continues into a 50 m long narrow canyon.

The cave can be visited using the security installations (wooden stairs and bridges). From downstream it is possible to return to the entrance, through above the cave.

Contact and information:

Address: Natural Park Apuseni, Bihor, Romania

From Varasoaia chalet the route is marked with red dot (the Circuit of Somesul Cald Springs): Varasoaia glade - the Fortress of Radeasa cave (through the tunnel cave) - Capita - Somesul Cald valley - Honu cave - the Dry cave - South of Cuciulata peak - the Fortress of Radeasa cave (by the upper entrances) - Varasoaia glade; Length 9.4 km (from and to Varasoaia chalet); Duration 6 hours.

Varasoaia Glade (Poiana Varasoaia) is located at a distance of 5 km from the chalet Padis. It can be reached on forest road in direction Radeasa Fortress.

Opening hours:

Summer: Daily
Winter: Closed

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