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The Fortress of Ponorshow map
About The Fortress of Ponor

The Fortress of Ponor represents without any doubt, the most grandiose Romanian karst phenomenon, known and appreciated worldwide.

The Fortress of Ponor  consist of three large rock cirques, located in a huge wooded valley, 300 m deep, its upper part  has a diameter over 1 km.

Surrounding ridges, that borders the depression are cut only in one place by the  valley citadels canyon.

The Fortress of Ponor has been declared a nature reservation, in 1952 and then got the status of a nature monument.

Tourists will be amazed by the wonderful work of nature, which exceeds all the expectations created by the huge fortress of stone.

Contact and information:

Address: Natural Park Apuseni, Bihor, Romania

From Padis chalet located on the 783 county road, that crosses the Apuseni Nature Park, follow the trail marked with blue dot (the Fortress of Ponor Circuit): Padis cabin - Ponor glade - Cetati valley - Doline I - the Fortress of Ponor cave portal - Doline II (optionally) - Doline III - pass through the 4 Balconies overlooking the dolines - Cetati valley - Glavoi camping - Padis Chalet; Length 12 km; Duration 5 hours.

Opening hours:

Summer: Daily
Winter: Closed

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