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Sighistel Valleyshow map
About Sighistel Valley

Althought, the entire valley is only 9 km long, nearly half of it consists of very steep walls, that form a canyon.

The Sighistel basin shelters more than 160 caves on only 15 km2, being the area with the highest number of endokarst forms per surface unit in the country.

The most famous caves from this area are: Corbasca cave (300 m) with the Chrystal lake, and beautiful stalactites, columns and moonmilk deposits; the Cave from Secatura Hill (1.450 m) and the Coliboaia cave (310 m) which are part of the same karst system, with rich and varied concretions; the Magura cave (1.885 m) with labyrinth corridors, impressive halls and narrow galleries.

Sighistel Valley is located in the Apuseni Natural Park.

Contact and information:

Address: Sighistel, Bihor, Romania (near the city Stei)

The route is marked with blue triangle: Campani village - Sighistel village - Sighistel valley - (Magura cave - Coliboaia cave) - Dosul Muncelului cave - Tapu mountain - Fusului road - National road 75, Length 12,5 km; Duration 7 h

Opening hours:

Summer: Daily
Winter: Closed

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