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Salt Mine of Targu Ocnashow map
About Salt Mine of Targu Ocna

The salt mining is located about 2 km from the city, in the salt massif of Valcele – Slatinele,  at 240 m depth and represents, by the microclimate of salt, an important natural factor of cure used to treat respiratory diseases.

The main feature of the mines microclimate  is the constancy of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters (without daily or seasonal variations), unlike outside air. The climatic parameters of Romanian's salt mining are: temperature( approx. 12 ° - 13 °), relative humidity (approx. 60-80%), airflow speed reduced (almost imperceptible), air pressure is similar to the outside pressure or with little difference.

In the underground there is (at a depth of 240 m):

Salt water lake and waterfall

Europe's first underground Orthodox Church

Salt Museum

Gymnastic space and medical office

Soccer, basketball, tennis

Table tennis and billiards

Playgrounds for children with slides and swings

Wireless spot

Souvenir shop

Terrace and market

Contact and information:

Address: Str. Salinei,Targu Ocna, Bacau, Romania

Opening hours:

Daily: 7:00 - 17:00


Adults: 18 lei
Children: 9 lei

Pass ticket minimum 8 days:

Adults: 16 lei
Children: 8 lei

Groups minimum 8 person:

Adults: 16 lei
Children: 8 lei

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