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Dambovicioara Canyonshow map
About Dambovicioara Canyon

Dambovicioarei canyon has a 9 km length. It’s located in the limestone mountain area "Piatra Craiului Mountains" between Rucar and Dambovicioara.

It looks impressive and is part of a series of at least 20 canyons situated in the catchment area of the Dambovita. Dambovicioara has dug in sedimentary rock formations, limestones, and sandstones, a true 5 km long canyon, which in some parts of valley has vertical walls exceeding 200 m in height.

Contact and information:

Address: Piatra Craiului National Park, Arges, Romania

Located between Rucar and Dambovicioara, Arges, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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