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Wooden Church from Rosia Nouashow map
About Wooden Church from Rosia Noua

The Wooden church from Rosia Noua, witch is found in the center of the village Rosia Noua, common Petris, Arad County was built in 1808 and it’s dedicated to "Holy Great Martyr Dimitrie".

The church was built on a foundation of stone, walls were built of oak beams, plastered in outside and painted with lime.

The tower presents a special particularity (14.40 m) due to its pyramidal "gothic" roof, unlike the other wooden church from the Mures valley , whose tower is composed by a "baroque" bulb.

The painting of the Orthodox church was completed in 1820 by the painter Nicholae from Lupsa Mare. In the nave of the church, painter Nicholae has painted Passion Cycle  and in the apse was painted sacrifice of Abraham and Holy Trinity. Royal icons were painted with decorative plaster and dates from eighteenth-century.

Contact and information:

Address: Rosia Noua, Arad, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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