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Spa Resort - Moneasashow map
About Spa Resort - Moneasa

Moneasa is situated at the base of  Codru-Moma Mountains, at an altitude of 280 m, crossed by the upper course of the river Moneasa.

Mineral water springs, bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, magnesium, hypotonic, oligomineral and mesothermal,  were used since 1866.

Natural factors of treatment are thermal waters with a temperature of 25-32°C and tonic bioclimate that is suitable for treatment and rest.

Treatment affections: central and peripheral nervous system, locomotor system, gynecological diseases, neurasthenia, rheumatology and nutrition, metabolic (diabetes, obesity).

These indications have a general character, in each case is required the specialists' recommendation.

The treatment base provides facilities for warm baths in pools, pools for kinesiology, electro, hydro, and thermotherapy, medical gyms, massage, sauna, outdoor pools with mineral water, aeroheliotherapy.

Tourist attractions:

Quarry of black and red marble

Reserve of lilies Moneasa

Dezna Citadel

Moneasa Pool with thermal water

Blast furnace of iron

Izoi Peak (1.098 m) -  from Moneasa follow the trail marked with blue strip, the route duration 4 hours.

Presence of agro-tourism hotels and chalets, make that in Moneasa to practice recreational tourism, as they say, a tourism "green".

In the time spent on Moneasa can practice horse riding (riding), hiking, cycling, fishing or enjoy the nature in its true splendor.

Contact and inforamtion:

Address: Moneasa, Arad, Romania

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