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Scarisoara Caveshow map
About Scarisoara Cave

Scarisoara Cave (Pestera Scarisoara), is one of the biggest ice caves in the Apuseni Mountains of Romania, in a part of the Carpathian chain. It is considered one of the natural wonders of Romania.

The cave is located at an altitude of 1.165 metres above sea level. It is 105 m deep and 720 m long, and the entrance shaft (50 m in diameter and 48 m in depth) gives access through metal stairs to a large chamber, (108 m long, 78 m wide) - The Big Hall. From this point, three openings lead to The Church (in front, with over 100 stalagmites), Great Reservation, Coman Gallery (left) and Little Reservation (right). The part that tourists can visit includes the entrance shaft, The Big Hall and The Church, the other chambers, can be visited only with the agreement of the Speological Institute of Cluj-Napoca, being reserved for scientists.

The glacier has a volume of 75000 cubic metres and it is 26 m high. The temperature is up to +1°C in the summer and down to -7°C in the winter. Bats live in the ice cave, as do small bugs (2–3 mm long) called Pholeuon prozerpinae glaciale. In the Big Reservation, a Rupicapra skeleton was discovered.

Contact and information:

Address:  Grada de Sus, Alba, Romania

Opening hours:

Daily 9:00 – 17:00

Tickets: 7 lei

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