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Citadel of Trascaushow map
About Citadel of Trascau

Trascaului fortress (in the second half of the twentieth century, the fortress was called Coltesti) was built around the year 1296 by the Trascau Thoroczkay voievod, as a habitable and a refuge fortress.

It was built deliberately on top of a steep limestone klipp, after the Tartar invasion (Mongolia) in 1241, when were produced significant damage to settlements Sangiorgiu and Trascau. On the north tower, about 20 meters high, they kept an inscription, mentioning the family Thoroczkay.

In 1470, the city was seized by King Matthias Corvinus and given to the voivode of Transylvania. In 1510 it has been returned to the noble Trascau (Thoroczkay), and in 1514 was devastated by peasants led by Gheorghe Doja.

Today  remained a large part of the enclosure wall and two side towers.

Contact and information:

Address: Coltesti, Alba, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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