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Citadel of Sebesshow map
About Citadel of Sebes

In 1242, the mongol invasion destroyed the Sebes city. After this invasion the city is rebuilt and surrounded by stone wall (in 1387).

The ottoman attack from 1438, finds  Sebes city  defended by a belt of walls not very thick, with towers and two gates. The city is plundered and devastated by the Ottomans.

In 1485, king Matthias Corvinus granted the privileges to restore and complete the fortification, but it remains modest, comprising 8 towers (one indoor),  walls of 7 m high, 1.2 m thick  and two gates.

Today remained only 4 towers and the north gate:

Tailors Tower - located on Str. Traian, no. 6

Octagonal Tower - located near the Roman Catholic Church

Semicircular Tower - located in Str. Cetatii

Shoemakers Tower - located on Str. Cetatii

North gate of the city - situated on Str. Ion Luca Caragiale, no. 3

Contact and information:

Address: Sebes, Alba, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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