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Citadel of Greavilorshow map
About Citadel of Greavilor

The citadel was built in the center of the locality Garbova by the count Herbord of Wrbow in the second half of the thirteenth century. The noble residence was fortified with a wall that delimited a circular enclosure, with a fortified tower.

In the fifteenth century the citadel is sold,  becoming the community property. The fortified tower was turned into bell-tower, the citadel recives a new fortified enclosure and a gate tower, called "tower of salo."

During the advance of Michael the Brave  towards Alba Iulia in 1599, after the victory at Selimbar, the fortification suffered great losses. Only in 1625, the inhabitants rebuilt  and restored the church from the village center.

Between 1657-1661 the settlement was devastated by turkish army. For the last time, the citadel was besieged and conquered during the uprising of kuruc in 1703.

The 4 towers located on the roof of the clock tower, signify that the city had the right to give the death penalty.

Contact and information:

Address: Garbova, Alba, Romania
Phone: +4 0258.748.302

Opening hours:

To schedule your visit, call the number above.

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